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What does the Balanu production offer?

All food produced at Balanu Production has international competence certification and healthy, vegan and gluten-free products are produced in large quantities. The production has the FSS (Food Safety Standards) you need in the sector with all our activities.

Production competences


It is a production line that we use for roasting vegetable products, all kinds of seeds and nuts.

Drying - Dehydration

This is a production line for the complete or partial drying of fruit and vegetable products with a high liquid content.

Sterile liquid filling

It is a production line that sterilises liquid products with ozone and ultraviolet technology.

Precision scale packaging

We have a precision scale for glass jars, doypacks and pillow bag packaging.

Cutting open and cutting to size

This is the production line with which we cut fruit and vegetables into the size you want.


It is a production line for smoking and flavour refinement that can be used both hot and cold.

Production lines

1 - Precision scale for closing jars 1100 pieces/hour

2 - Precision scale for pillow bag and doypack closures 1100 pieces/hour

3 - Production and packaging line for biscuits under modified atmosphere 600 pieces/hour

4 - Roasting line

5 - Flour drawing line

6 - Sterilisation and liquid filling line

7 - Combined vacuum drying chambers with a capacity of 7000 kg

8 - Production and cutting line for bars 80 kg/hour

9 - Washing line, Slicing and dicing 2000 kg/hour

10 - Biscuit line 150 kg/hour

Machines and capacities

1- Precision scale for measuring the closure of jars 1100 pieces/hour

2- Precision scale for closing pillow bags and doypacks 1100 pieces/hour

3- Production line for manufacturing and packaging biscuits under modified atmosphere 600 pieces/hour

4- Roasting line

5- Flour drawing line

6- Sterilisation and liquid filling line

7- Combined vacuum drying chambers, 7000 kg capacity

8- Production line for making and cutting bars 80 kg/hour

9- Washing line, cutting and dicing 2000 kg / hour

10- Biscuit moulding line 150 kg / hour

11- Biscuit baking line 150 kg / hour


Balanu has been certified by certification organisations according to the food safety standards in force in the European Union. Balanu Certificates PDF

FSSC 22000

Food Safety System Certification FSSC 22000 is an international certificate that specifies food safety.


The Quality Management Certificate is a certificate of production capability to ISO 9001:2015 High Level Standard.

ISO 22000 - 2018

It is an international certificate introduced to prevent food from being prepared according to its intended use or to prevent harm to the consumer.

EAC Halal Certificate

Halal Registration Certificate, EurAsia EAC is the international certificate that identifies halal products.


ECOCERT certificate: It is an international verification document that confirms that the products are 100% organic.

V-Label certificate

V-Label is the world's leading vegan certification body. It is a reference for vegan standards and vegan safety.

Kosher Certificate

The kosher certificate is a document that indicates products that have been manufactured in accordance with the Jewish faith. During production in the factories, the clergy check that all work steps and the materials used and even the equipment comply with the Jewish faith.

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